The Extremeties brand is a sister brand to Terra Nova who are best known for their tents. The Extremeties brand sells gloves, socks and hats; items for the extremeties of the body, hence the name. I had the pleasure of reviewing a couple of different pairs of gloves (see the our Super Windy Gloves review)  including the Corbett waterproof winter glove.

The Corbett glove isn’t your heavyweight winter Darth Vader gauntlet, so no need to hum the imperial march while donning these on at home and prancing about with a golite poncho tarp (or just me again is it?) These are a lighter glove, still suited to winter trips but probably not your more extreme trips where you’ll happily sacrifice the advantages of nimble fingers in order to keep your fingers. The Corbett provides an excellent balance between warmth and dexterity, with just enough movement for practiced hands to be able to get on with the majority of tasks.  For those few others, you’ve plenty of room in these to wear a liner glove.

OK, I couldn’t resist at least one Darth Vader Pose…

For scrambling and ropework, you’ve got a tough PU leather-look palm, which also provides a good grip on your ice axe. An easy to handle toggle allows you to pull the wrist tight to prevent water ingress. Finally, a GORE-TEX® liner ensures that the glove itself is as waterproof as it can be and remain breathable.

The Corbett glove has impressed us, we have to say. I’ve owned a few cheaper brand shell gloves in the past that have been OK at best, but while being the same size were nowhere near as warm. If you need one pair of gloves that’s suited for winter and the colder ends of autumn and spring, you could do a lot worse than pick up a pair of these.

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