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Science In Sport – PSP22 Fuel Review

By Dave Roberts   

on March 28, 2012    No ratings yet.

Science In Sport – PSP22 Fuel Review

While I drink a lot of water during the day usually, for some reason I find it difficult to drink sufficient amounts while out walking. Either the water has warmed up or needed sterilizing and so tastes rather chemically.

On day walks, I can get around this with a bottle of pure juice diluted with water. Mulitday trips are another matter.

The SIS (Science In Sports) PSP22 is an orange flavoured sports drink that is supplied in handy 50g sachets sufficient to make up 500ml of drink. While there’s a lot of science behind the drink, and I’m sure supporters and deriders of these sort of products for serious athletic performance, I’m hardly suitable to comment. While a sachet provides around 180 calories, which helps when you’re trying to get the distance under your belt, there’s no electrolyte replacement which is arguably more useful if you’re working hard and sweating.

I’ve tried one of these way back when, and swore never to try them again as I couldn’t get them to mix easily. However, with a shake bottle, mixing one of these sachets is exceptionally simple and leaves no clumps. You expect the water to change colour, but it just looks murky rather than the orange I expected. At least this means they don’t add any colouring to the mix.

Tastewise, there’s no comparison with proper fruit juice and water, but considering that these are powdered drinks, the taste is acceptable if not great and a little powdery. It does give the water some flavour, and it may perhaps not be too bad a thing that the taste isn’t overpowering as it leaves no after-taste and doesn’t actually taste sweet. I thought it was a hydration drink until I re-read the sachet. Neither does it leave you still thirsty which can be a problem with some energy drinks.

This will probably find it’s way on a few trips, mainly to add variety when I’m walking over a number of days. I’d still choose a low or zero calorie drink such as Nuun or High5 Zero as my mainstay drink for the day, but it’s good to have something with a bit more oomph in reserve for when you really need a boost.

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