These can be so handy on a hot day, no need to stop to take a drink, but they get scummy and manky without proper care. There’s a few really simple things you can do to keep yours clean and mould free. These tips work for drinks bottles, as well as hydration pouches and collapsable water bottles such as those by Platypus and Source.

1 – Drink only water. Mould and bacteria will feed on any sugars from energy drinks and juices, but water gets around this.

2 – Keep your hydration bladder in the freezer. This prevents new lifeforms from evolving in there and forming their own reality show on Channel 4.

3 -But I messed up and left mine in the bag since, like, last summer and they’ve already got their own YouTube channel... If you do mess up, then a good soaking in baby sterilizing solution made up as per instructions should get it clean again. Likewise, it should go without saying that you’ll need to give them a proper clean with warm/hot water after use to prevent them getting like this in the first place.

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  1. keefusoutdoors 5 years ago

    Great article. Now where to find the sterilising solution……….? 😉

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