How to Clean and Reproof Goretex and Paramo Waterproof Jackets

How to Clean and Reproof Gore-tex, eVent and Paramo Waterproof Jackets

This time of year, its essential to make sure that your waterproof jackets and leggings are fully waterproof and ready for the autumn and winter conditions. This guide outlines how you waterproof the more typical Gore-tex and it’s many varieties which cover most waterproof jackets sold, and the Paramo Analogy system which is another popular …

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How to S*** In The Wilds

The squeamish should click away now… So here’s a picture of a cow to save your delicate little eyes from the truth about what we all do on a roughly daily basis. Still here? Good. I think this is something all of us wild campers have in common. We’ll try and keep this as clean …

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Keeping Clean Without a Shower

So you want to try and keep clean on a multi-day trip, or perhaps desperate for a lunchtime run but no showers to freshen up after sweating? Here’s a few suggestions. 1 Towel Dry. This goes without saying really, and makes all the following a bit more effective. You can use a microfibre towel while …

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Lon Eifion

Preparing for Autumn Walks

The weather is getting cooler, wetter and breezier already, so it’s time to prepare yourself to make the most of the coming autumn with our tips. 1 – Make sure your kit’s all proofed and up to scratch. Get your boots overhauled and proof your waterproofs in order to keep yourself dry. Do this before …

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MRE 24 Hour Ration Pack Review

On a recent wild camp, we decided to see if these 24 hour ration packs are any good or are you better off avoiding them altogether. We went for this one by Evaq8 that cost around £16 with postage. What’s in it? The ration pack arrived in a tidy brown box and contained a generous selection …

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Some Snowdonia Astrophotography

We’ve all see those impressive shots of the Milky Way with a suitably spectacular foreground and probably wished you could take a similar photo. We decided to see how difficult it really was, and provide some tips that we found useful. I set off originally, with an ancient Fuji Finepix 9600 Bridge Camera that I’d …

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