Eggs get a bad press, but can easily be taken on a wild camp with a bit of preparation. It’s not 100% foolproof, but then carrying any foodstuff can go totally tits up in your pack if you’re unlucky enough. I managed to get half a litre of Amaretto into my down bag on the first day of a six day trip. I was sucking the down for hours and literally spitting feathers afterwards.

Carrying eggs is just a matter of care, and all you need is a small plastic container (a tough one!), some eggs and kitchen towel. You could use bubble wrap if you wanted, but the kitchen towel doubles up as, er, kitchen towel.


With care you can protect the eggs from each other. The size of the plastic container is crucial, and should allow you to pad the eggs out with a couple of sheets of paper without being too tight.


The moment of truth as you unwrap on the hill, and prepare the eggs as explained – here.




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