If you’re too mean to buy a camping stove, then providing you have the time, the tools and the skill then you can can safely make your own meths stove at home. Not only  are Pepsi Can Meths Stoves free to make, it’s also inexpensive to run and is one of the lightest stoves available.


All you need in the way of raw materials is an empty drinks can. This is usually a 330ml can, but you can go for a can of Red Bull and create a really tiny stove.

Alas, we lack the skill to make anything at Mud and Routes, so for those of you who want to give this a go, then you can try thisthis or this link for a step by step guide.. We’re thinkers and dreamers, while they’re the finishers.

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  1. fishy341653 6 years ago

    hi nice one not just me with thees little stoves like this water cooled wick stove file:///media/3366-3639/Photos/IMG00195.jpg and this very battered penny stove
    and a super cat ok super patty file:///media/3366-3639/Photos/IMG00199.jpg
    yes there’s more a bottle stove file:///media/3366-3639/Photos/IMG00197.jpg
    well they all burn in a different manner hot and fast low and slow , just hope the pic’s up load like this ..LOL

  2. fishy341653 6 years ago

    ok that did not work

    • Dave Roberts 6 years ago

      ha! It appears you can!
      Type in the following – but put it all on one line!
      < img src="LINK TO PIC IN HERE" >

      I’m not sure if that’s because I’m an admin – hopefully it’ll work for you!

  3. Dave Roberts 6 years ago

    Unfortunately, you can’t post images on the comments at the moment. We’re looking to upgrade the messaging to run from G+, Twitter or Facebook and hopefully that’ll allow that.

  4. Dave Roberts 6 years ago

  5. fishy341653 6 years ago

    theres always a way, but the problem may be compatibility i am a linux user so windows commands do not work. lol

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