Getting into Country Walking

Call this what you will, it’s often called Rambling, as good a word as any. You can class this as any sort of walking that’s not mountain walking, but the next guy will have a different definition. So for our purpose, lets assume you’ve managed to get up to walking easy routes of around 10km+ …

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Diogelwch ar y Mynydd – Mountain Safety

Need a refresher about mountain safety? Here one of the Park Rangers explains what you need to know before setting out into the hills. Not only does he know what he’s talking about, he’s a nice guy as he gave us a lift a few years back! Cheers Ieu!

Get into Walking For Fitness..

If you want to start getting fit, perhaps lose some weight that you’ve put on due to the usual post Easter chocolate clearance, then getting walking is an ideal way to do that. Should i go walking, running or cycling? If you’re reading this article, then it can be assumed that you’re already able to …

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Wild Camping

Winter Wild Camping 2

This is the second part of our article on wild camping in winter snow. Rest of the stuff. I carried all the gear in the OMM Villain pack. This isn’t really big enough for this sort of trip. The sleeping bag is a bit on the bulky side, and the down mat takes up the …

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Winter Wild Camping 1

Some have emailed asking what gear you can use for a winter wildcamp. Here’s my selection of gear. I’ve split it into two posts – one for the ‘big 3’ of shelter, sleep and cooking and the other for the rest of the stuff. Freezing conditions were expected and the gear below kept me comfortable …

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Night Walking

Fed up of it getting dark by seven and being stuck indoors in the evening? Well there’s a way around it. Get a good head torch and get out in the dark. Here’s our five tips to do so safely. 1.Pick a walk you know well (in the daylight!) Keep it within your capabilities. Make …

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From a bimbler to a runner

While some of you may already be aware of the Walk Eryri website, that has been about the more sedate activity of walking up to now. Part of the reason, I suppose, that the site has been so quiet over the last year is that I’ve been struggling with this running malarkey. I think, during …

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