The Beast’s Tip of the Week – Repairing a Garmin 110 Watch Strap 4.33/5 (3)

We love our little Garmin 110 GPS watch. So much in fact that it’s recently clocked 4000km of use, but not before the strap gave in. Unfortunately, the strap is non-replaceable, with the only option being a £60 refurb from Garmin, which was a figure we were not willing to pay out of principle for a few quids’ worth of plastic.

We tried valiantly with some Sugru and cable ties, but the strap snapped again and we decided it needed sorting, cheaply!



The solution came in the form of a Terrain brand velcro watch strap that is in one piece and doesn’t depend on attaching to the watch in the traditional sense. They’re also called NATO watch straps and can be much longer than usual for going over clothing.


This was fed through the large holes nearest the watch, as you would a regular watch.


The fit isn’t perfect, but seems OK. You could cut the strap to fit if you wanted, but we were afraid of weakening it. Once satisfied, you can cut the watch strap off, being careful not to over do it or to leave any sharp corners. The strap managed to cover the end of one cut strap but wasn’t long enough for the other. This is a bodge job remember! If this strap edge isn’t comfortable then you could probably sew on a bit more webbing, or some other fabric on the rear of the strap.



Overall, a rather successful bodge job that cost us only £4! There doesn’t seem to be much stress on the strap either, so we don’t expect it to fail too quickly, with a hope of another 4000km worth of use out of it.

DSC_0209 DSC_0213


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