I’d always wanted a pair of these trews, but they were discontinued just as I was poised to purchase them a few years back. In the meantime, Paramo have released the wonderful Velez Adventure trews, and the not so wonderful Quito trews, but never a pair that were the perfect summer waterproof trews.


So imagine my surprise when I spotted these for sale as a Limited Edition on Paramo’s Ebay store. They were bought and paid for within ten minutes, with most of that time taken to determine whether this was the legit seller or not. Advertised as a part of a Vintage range, I reckon they found a boxfull collecting dust somewhere and decided to flog ’em as Paramo have stated to us that this line is definitely discontinued. An added bonus is that they were supplied in black as opposed to the hideous navy blue that all their trousers used to be.


First time this year that leg’s seen daylight. Look at the glare, it’s like a JJ Abrams shot..


These were tested during the winter in Snowdonia, and they’re just the ticket for winter walking, and with the addition of some thermal leggings would keep you warm in most conditions. However, you’ll need to work out when you can use these as shorts. If you’re the hardy sort, then fine, but when it’s warm enough for shorts it’s probably going to be too warm to wear these. However, where they do excel is on a multiday trip where you want to keep your kit simple yet still be prepared for any conditions which is the reason I added them to my already straining outdoor wardrobe. As I’m planning a 7 day backpack in early March, and another to Scotland in June, they’ll be just what I need – so long as the weather is forecast to stay on the cool side. They would have been perfect on last year’s trip to Knoydart where despite being summer, it was still pretty cool.


The design is a bit heavier duty than the Adventure and Quito, but lighter than the heavier duty Cascada trousers. Thankfully, the front closure is a button rather than poppers, and there is a fly unlike the Quito! The lack of bulk mean that they look like regular trousers when worn, and look similar enough to regular zip-offs when worn in the pub at the end of a long day. When worn as shorts, they’re rather stiff where the zip is and feel a little strange. I’d imagine that this will change as they’re worn in, but bugs me at the moment.

To truly become the perfect summer waterproof trouser, they need to be exceptionally light and cool, but this is Paramo we’re talking about and by the fabrics nature it will never be the lightest and will always insulate more then your ultralight waterproofs. If you did go for over-trousers, you’d need to wear shorts underneath, and they’ll just never be as comfortable as wearing these. I hope that Paramo decide to bring out an updated version of the Viento zip-offs using the newer and lighter fabrics found in the Quito and Velez, but keeping the overall design of the Velez Adventure.

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  1. Peter Sanderson 4 years ago

    I have a pair of these and they proved to be great while walking in the lakes/cumbria way in May. Could do with a better waist grip and I would suggest side vents on the shorts for the odd days (like we had) when it goes from horizontal hail/snow to hot sunshine. But as an all weather bit of kit these can’t be beaten and I would suggest that if you find them get them.

    • Author
      Dave Roberts 4 years ago

      Couldn’t agree more. Gutted that paramo didn’t produce an updated version in their new lightweight fabric. They’re missing a trick there.

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