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Peanut Protein Balls

What’s the benefit?

A good mid morning and/or mid afternoon snack, which will keep hunger at bay, boost your muscle building hormone (testosterone) and makes it easier to consume your protein hit during the day rather than lugging a pouch of protein powder and a mixer with you all day!

The science bit

Porridge oats have Low GI (glycemic index)

Protein powder aids muscle growth

Peanut butter is high in monounsaturated fats


180g peanut butter

90g Agave Honey

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

45g porridge oats

How to make

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until they form into a malleable lump, then go at it and roll in the palm of your hands to form into walnut sized balls.

Place balls in the fridge for a couple of hours until they harden

You should get 0-12 balls depending on how mean you are with your portion allocation!

Tryfs Top Tips

Placing your balls on a cupcake tray allows them to harden separately, avoiding them sticking into one gloopy lump!

Once ready place them in a zip-lock bag and away you go


This is the very basic recipe, as with most things you can tailor the recipe to suit your tastes. The obvious change is to vary the Protein powder flavour, I would imagine Chocolate Smooth would work well, or my favourite Cookies and Cream! You could also add a few extra ingredients, such as dried fruits or almonds, or even choc chips?

Get cracking and come back to us with your comments and attempts.

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