How to Clean and Reproof Goretex and Paramo Waterproof Jackets

How to Clean and Reproof Gore-tex, eVent and Paramo Waterproof Jackets

This time of year, its essential to make sure that your waterproof jackets and leggings are fully waterproof and ready for the autumn and winter conditions. This guide outlines how you waterproof the more typical Gore-tex and it’s many varieties which cover most waterproof jackets sold, and the Paramo Analogy system which is another popular …

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Paramo Torres Trousers Review

The virtues of a thick, down jacket for winter walking is petty obvious. An uber warm top layer is one of the winter essentials on the hill that’s as likely to be left behind in the car as your boots, or bag of emergency Jelly Babies. Treating your pins to the same comfort as your …

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Paramo Waterproof Cap

There are few items that can provide such functionality in such a small package. The Páramo Waterproof Cap is a very lightweight waterproof mountain cap that provides you with just enough protection without unnecessary insulation. I personally hate hoods – I’m usually walking with it down when all others have withdrawn turtle-like into their waterproofs. …

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Paramo Mountain Pull On top

The Paramo Mountain Top is designed specifically to be worn with their waterproofs. The cut is snug, and fits well beneath something like an Aspira Jacket for winter use. The more expensive Mountian Vent top even has zipped vents corresponding with the ones on the outside jacket for cooling down to the skin. You can wear this …

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Paramo Aspira Jacket Review

Following on from the other Paramo reviews, you may have noticed a trend in colour. Even my summer smock is a fetching black. Not so my winter coat. My Aspira Jacket – circa 2007 and a honeymoon present, so I better hope that I don’t get THAT year wrong. This is red and proud to be …

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Paramo Torres Smock Review

The classic down jacket is one of the best bits of kit you can get for keeping warm. Gram for gram, there’s nothing warmer than the combination of pertex and down of one form or the other. In that respect, synthetic insulation doesn’t come close. That said, there’s no need to write off synthetic insulation …

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