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If you’re an all season wild camper, then you’ll know of the frustration of trying to use a gas canister in the winter months. Winter in Snowdonia is usually cold and damp, and most of the time you can get away with using gas. But on those rare occasions that it does drop below freezing, your gas becomes increasingly useless and a petrol stove (or similar) becomes the best option.

Step forward Primus! They’ve developed a new Winter Gas (and that’s nothing to do with Granny, Sprouts or Christmas Day – though with an open fire that was one explosive mix!) that’s good to -20°C. It utilises a ‘vapour mesh’ made from absorbent paper that allows the LP gas to evaporate to gas more easily and be more useful in colder conditions.

There’s also a Summer gas, optimised for the warmer months, and a Power Gas which is an all-round performer. They cost £6.75 forr a 230g cannister and £10 for a large 450g canister – so it’s a couple of quid more expensive than regular Primus Power Gas. We think this is a small price to pay after struggling to warm a cuppa (yes – WARM) many a time..

We’ll be posting an in-depth review as soon as it’s cold enough to make use of it!


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  1. Jason Cole 5 years ago

    Hi. it’s a side issue, but just to say that with basic precautions, I have repeatedly successfully produced boiling water using a meths setup down to -10C… try it. a fraction of the weight of a petrol setup.

    • Author
      Dave Roberts 5 years ago

      What’s the meths setup? I’ll probably give this gas a test with a meths pepsi-can stove and a regular gas canister.

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