The Snowdon Coast to Coast Challenge

Here’s a realistic challenge that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve fallen down three flights of stairs for the following week. Coast to coast challenges have a special appeal to them, as do the highest points. Combine them and you’ve got the Snowdon Coast to Coast from Caernarfon to Penrhyndeudraeth (or continue onwards to Porthmadog,

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The Across Wales Challenge Walk

Here’s an epic walking challenge that’s difficult, but with proper preparation, within the ability of a fit walker. The Across Wales Challenge Walk is a serious 73km challenge walk from the Welsh border to the sea, all undertook in 18 hours!. It starts off around 500m from Anchor, Shropshire, slap bang on the Wales-England border, with little

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Cadair Idris Fox’s Path Walking Route

The Meirionnydd Round

If the Paddy Buckley Round isn’t sufficient Snowdonia for your challenge, then there is one other that’s tougher in terms of statistics but by virtue of geography poses as much of a problem of route finding as it does physically. The Meirionnydd Round was devised by Yiannis Tridimas in 1993, and covers most of the

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The Paddy Buckley Round

The Paddy Buckley Round (PBR) in Snowdonia along with the Ramsay Round in Lochaber and the Bob Graham Round in the Lakes make up the UK Big 3 Rounds. Basically, the Big 3 are the toughest 24 hour fell running challenges in the UK, or at least the toughest formalised and/or popular ones! It was devised

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Blizzard Survival Blanket Review

The Blizzard Survival Blanket’s a modern version of the orange bivvy bag that keeps you warm as well as protects you from the elements. It’s supplied vacuum packed, but while it’s reusable and tough, it’s huge once it’s been unpacked! This is a versatile blanket, you can use it under your sleeping mat or even

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Seven Oceans Survival Rations

At first glance, lifeboat rations seem like a rather odd thing to review on Mud and Routes. Following our recent benightment jaunt, where we had to try out some survival rations on the hill, we wanted to find what was possibly the least appealing option out there. We couldn’t find any turblokken, and these were

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Five Things – Going Off Path

If you’re fed up of doing the usual routes and fancy going off path, then you’ll find it very rewarding. Here are our top tips for going off path. 1 – Navigation – You’ll need to know where you’re going! Skill with map and compass are essential if you’re on the hills, even more so

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A New Mountain For Snowdonia?

While there’s been talk recently of mountains that are already 609m high mountains, being slightly taller 609m mountains, It’s about time we got to the bottom of some real news. You see, we’re talking here about a couple of NEW 600m summits in Snowdonia, and with 50m reascent, they’re no mere bumps on the side

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The Beauty of Bivvying

With tents becoming so lightweight, it seems perverse to go out into the wilds with what’s basically a waterproof sleeping bag cover and with barely any weight benefit. Most of the cheaper ex-army type of bivvy bags are actually heavier than your typical 1kg lightweight tent. So why bother? Reducing the experience down to the

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Book of The Bivvy Review

You may be tempted to bivvy out by virtue of the romance of sleeping out under the stars, or by a more clinical need to pare weight to the bare minimum. Whatever your inspiration, or if you’re just a little bit curious as to wether this is for you, then you’ll benefit from reading the Book of

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