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So you want a simple camping breakfast, but really can’t be bothered to cook or pay extortionate prices for dehydrated camping food. Here’s a selection of five tried and tested breakfasts that have served us well over the years.

1 – Oat So Simple (187 Calories) Just add hot water. It can be a bit gloopy if you don’t mix it properly, and does have slightly less flavour than what you’d prepare from the sachets at home. Rectify that with a couple of squares of chocolate, preferably Green and Black’s butterscotch flavour!


2 – Beans and sausage (197 calories) Heavy, but cooked brekky that is a bit more effort than the others. The beauty of this is that you can make it as much bother, or as little, as you like. You can cook some bacon strips before adding the content of your tin, for the simple fact that the smell of bacon will probably drive your wild camping companions to a rage as they munch their porridge. Take a small fry pan and you can add an egg, black pud or even a bit of haggis for the ultimate camping breakfast. Alternatively, take a tin of ‘All Day Breakfast’, if you must.


3 – Cereal (calories – various) Whatever you fancy, from corn flakes to sugar puffs, just make sure it’s still edible with powdered milk. Something sweet like honey nut cornflakes or Frosties work well, or add sugar to other cereals if you can stomach it! Works out as a surprisingly lightweight option, just don’t forget the milk.

4 – Hob Nobs ( 67 calories per Hob Nob) All you need is a cup of tea or coffee, along with as many Hob Nobs as you can stomach. Three of them will contain more calories than a pot of Oats So Simple. Go chocolate covered for a maximum calorie count. Probably more sugar in this choice than any of the others, but the oats provide useful long term energy.

Just Add Hob Nobs!!
Just Add Hob Nobs!!

5 – Complan (251 Calories)  The most no-nonsense breakfast imaginable! But the least appetising by far. Just mix with cold water and drink. A good one if you don’t want a heavy breakfast and want to be up and moving with as little bother as possible. Available in various flavours, including chocolate, strawberry, banana, vanilla and chicken, with a neutral one you can add to soup to bulk it’s nutrition. One option is to mix your morning coffee with the chocolate variety for a caffeine fueled wake me up. Best for lovers of milkshakes.


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  1. For years I have made up muesli from shop bought and added nuts and seeds and dried milk. Keep in individual breakfast size ziplocks and then just add water.

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