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All I want for Christmas 19 is a Hybrid Bike

By Dave Roberts   

on December 19, 2011    No ratings yet.

All I want for Christmas 19 is a Hybrid Bike

Only because I truly cannot be bothered to change my tyres.

We all end up doing a bit of unmuddy riding, against our better jugement, and we know that out knobbly tires and bouncy suspension slows us down on these rides. What’s worse is riding the beloved on the commute, unless you’re one of the rare few who can find mud on the way into work. It seem all the routes around here have been resurfaced to be cycle frindly, not in my book they haven’t!

So what’s the alternative? We can lock the forks and change the wheels, but that seems like hard work to me. Best bet is to get hold of a half decent hybrid that can be used for those non-rough rides that we’re forced to do in order to get some training in or just to get to work.

There’s so many out there, but for me it has to be a flat bar bike – the idea of a racing bike (despite the arguments that will be given in their favour, and ones that i acknowledge are correct) doesn’t appeal – so basically a toughish hybrid. It has to be toughish as I know if I see any muddy trails on my travels, i’ll be down there quicker than a dog on a fluffy toy. It also means that it’ll fit into my style of riding. There’s no way you’ll get me riding on a main road, I value my life too much and ride a bike for pleasure; being grazed by white vans and beyond isn’t my idea of fun.

I shan’t note a specific bike on my list, just the point of getting that second bike in order to quieten that phrase “What do you want two bikes for?” Though the Bianchi Camaleonte appeals, just make sure you spell that one correctly on Google..

For domestic bliss, you need to find somewhere to store it, then argue that it’s safer to ride a hybrid on the roads than a mountain bike or some such nonsense and bob’s one of your parent’s brother.

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