While this review might seem rather unseasonal, so’s the current weather. The Under Armour Coldgear Compression Leggings are well suited to any cold weather activity. This includes walking up Snowdon in May!

UA Leggings2

In the recent cold snap, they were perfect for wearing underneath a thin wind-proof trouser (Montane Featherlite), without being too warm for running. I managed to get caught in a torrential rain shower whilst wearing these, and whilst I was soaked through, they still managed to keep me warm.

They fit me perfectly well, being 180cm tall and with a shortish regular leg. While there’s definitely enough stretch left over to cope with someone taller, you’d probably need to try them for size if you’ve got really long legs. They’re also extremely comfortable, and being Under Armour, you can feel the quality.

I’d definitely wear them as a baselayer, though I know some of you have no shame and will not. The only consolation is that if it’s cold enough to wear these, then any offending body part will have suffered sufficient cold weather shrinkage, avoiding any obscenity and embarrassment all round.

Overall, these are exceptionally comfortable and you can keep them on for hours after a run in order for the compression to do it’s thing. I’ve even slept in them with no problem. I can see them being most useful for wild camping as pyjamas, as an extra layer of insulation in the bag as well as having the possible benefit of quicker recovery thanks to the compression.

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