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Fancy something different from your usual on Good Friday? Trailblaze are offering you an interesting challenge. On the 22nd of April with the South West Coast Path, they’ll be going live with a challenge to all trail runners to get onto one of the National Trails and get running. Not only that, but if you register (£20 a pop) them you get a chip that you then insert into the checkpoints that are regularly placed along the trail. Your time gets logged on the site and you can challenge your mates to see who can get the best time, or the furthest distance. You can choose from the easiest Moderate (up to 16km) through to the ultrarunning 80km plus ‘Black’ runs. I’ll have to admit that getting out and doing one of these longer sections appeals, though I’d welcome an option to do a couple as a fastpacking weekend.

While you can always grab a map and run any distance that you want (and are able to!), there’s always something easier in being able to explain that you ran a certain challenge or race. You also get a ‘band’ that you can wear that shows what level challenge you completed. Check here in order to see if they’ve got a trail near you, I’ll just about forgive them that Offa’s Dyke is in England considering that it was built by a Mercian to keep my lot out . I’ll certainly be keping an eye out for the opening of the Offa’s Dyke Sections…

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