Super Hill Food – Get stuffed before your walk 5/5 (1)

Not quite stuffed – but if you’re anything like the Mud and Routes crew then when it comes to getting up in the morning we’re like a bunch of teenagers. Breakfast is usually sacrificed, and then you’re at the mercy of your stomach and those tempting sausage rolls in the shop on the way.

Not any more!

You will need:

  • Food Flask
  • Oat So simple……
  • Kettle, including water and electrickery.
  • Alarm clock.


1 Set the Alarm Clock for the middle of the night. This is around 7am in the Welsh winter.

2 Boil the water.

3 Add the OSS into the food flask (you can pre-warm it with boiling water if you don’t want to eat it for some time)


4 Add boiling water, stir sufficiently..

5 Eat on the road (if a passenger)

20150307_093508(1) 20150307_093459

Or early on your walk – where you’ll really appreciate it!

oats (3 of 4) oats (2 of 4)

It may be a tad gloopy, but I thought that it would have totally solidified by the time I came to eat it. The only regret was only putting the one sachet into the flask as I could have easily have polished off two!

oats (4 of 4)

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