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The Spotter’s Guide to The Humble Sarnie

By Dave Roberts   

on May 11, 2016    No ratings yet.

The Spotter’s Guide to The Humble Sarnie

To celebrate British Sandwich Week, we decided to look at our favourite Mud and Routes sandwiches for our outdoor adventures, and maybe our not so favourites.

It may be much misaligned as being the boring option for a hill lunch, but the humble sandwich comes in so many shapes and sizes that there’s surely a sandwich out there for everyone. Being purists, we’re not going to count rolls and baguettes, they’re not a sandwich!

The Spartan -This is just bread and filling – no butter! Preferably with added gravel. Gluten free bread too, not because of an allergy or intolerance, just because. While they’re not indestructible, they won’t get affected by anything that’ll happen in your pack, any spillage probably adding to the palatability.DSC_0436 (1)

The Vinny – this one’s no messing, two slabs of the thickest bread you can cut (in extremis – two halves of the same loaf) and something meaty and not overly healthy in between. Meat paste would be one option, but Corned Beef has to be the filling of choice with about half an inch of butter and nothing green. We know we’re normally rabidly metric on Mud and Routes, but the thickness of butter, and quantities of beer, are about the only acceptable uses of the imperial system.

The Early Riser – a bit more poncy – as you cant’ just throw one of these together. Not merely two slabs of bread with whatever moves slowest in the kitchen caught in between, but a work of art. More likely to end up on Instagram or Pinterest than any other.


The Early Riser  Semi -Vinny  – Needs more bread to be counted as a Full Vinny, but the three layers certainly elevate this from mere whimsy of the early riser to something a bit more substantial.


The Alternative – Usually created from something that doesn’t look like bread, nor taste like bread, but still make a good sandwich. Still close enough to bread to be counted, and usually far healthier. However, rye bread and turkey really aren’t the best combination without the addition of some sort of lubrication.


The Sweaty – you know the ones. Shop bought in a plastic or non-recyclable plastic/cardboard triangle. No butter, mayonnaise with everything* for some reason, and fillings pushed to the edges so you think you’re getting your money’s worth. Of course, not all sandwiches are made equal, and there may still be some rare gems in there. So, do you feel lucky punk?

*and we mean everything! Pork and Apple Sauce, with mayo anyone?! Nope, didn’t think so.

What’s your favourite?

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