If you’ve got a lightweight titanium pot or similar, then while they’re perfect for boiling water, if you try anything more adventurous you’ll soon find how easy they are to burn. I managed to carbonise popcorn on my MSR Titan Kettle, leaving it totally unusable. Soaking overnight in the sink didn’t have much of an effect, and I was already online checking for a replacement.

Once I realised that the replacement cost was more than that of a deccent night out, I thought I’d give it another bash. Rummaging in the disarray of items under the sink, I found something by Mr Muscle that claimed to shift burnt on ‘stuff’ and quickly decided that a spray of this would have my pot looking like new.

Two hours later, and as you can see from the images, it was totally ineffective. It was time for the big guns. I  hadn’t realised they still did ‘Brillo’, but wether they do or not, there were a few loose under the sink, probably a shop’s own brand.

As you can see from the pics, after a good 15 minuite’s hard work managed to remove the burnt on popcorn, with only the discolouration from when I’d burnt the pot the first time I used it remaining.

Even the outside of the pot is now, if not like new, shinier than it was. It would be like new, were it not for the dints underneath formed as a result of using the kettle as a bottle opener (a particularly useful trick!) – but that’s another story!

So is there an easy way to clean a burnt to buggery titanium kettle? No.

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