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Pegs are hardly the most glamorous piece of kit, yet you know you’ll be totally stuffed without them. However, with the Candy Canes, Alpkit manage to produce the good looking supermodel of pegs. I know that they also do stick thin titanium pegs that having not a gram of anything else above and beyond the essential skeletal form deserve the epithet of ‘super model’,but ho hum – these just look the part.

Curvy, funky and desirable, yet still cheap enough for the masses at £6.50, make this set of replacement pegs an obvious choice especially as that includes the free postage. 65p a peg, that means you can even give all your outdoor loving mates a prezzie this Christmas, even if it is just one peg. Plus, you can probably fit one in the card if you don’t  buy one of those itty bitty square cards. I digress, which is probably necessary as what can you really say about a bunch of sexy looking red pegs? Probably not sexy to start with.

The bottom line is that they’re just aluminium (remove a random i if you’re reading in the States), and even if they feel tough enough, even the website honestly states “as with all lightweight aluminuim bar tent pegs it is still possible to bend in hard or rocky ground. Using anything to hammer it in the ground may bend it”. They also point out that they don’t hurt your hands when you pull them out and are gentle enough on the palms when pushing them in, which is a fair point I’ve only recently encountered with the encroachment of X and Y pegs into my kit bag, and force of habit means I grab the peg. I’m sure that I’ll become conditioned rapidly enough from the pain to stop doing that!

At 15g apiece however, they are pretty weighty if you own a 500g tent or similar, in which case you’ll not want to spend just £6.50 on a set of pegs that weigh almost a third as much as your tent. Even then, if like me you’ve got a number of tents and it seems just the one bag of miscellaneous, mis-matched pegs from over the years then some of these are handy just to top up those that end up missing in action. It also saves scurrying about on the mountain when you lend someone a tent and realise that you’ve got all the pegs, which amount to a significant number less than that required to safely anchor the tents for the night.

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