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Into Battle!

By Tryfan Williams   

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Into Battle!

Battle Oats

Is this yet another all natural recovery bar with big claims?

What they say

Battle Oats are about combining wholesome 100% natural ingredients for athletic performance and recovery.

Who, when, why?

These are super healthy flapjacks aimed at serious athletes such as crossfitters, climbers, ultra marathoners, mud runners and muscle builders.

Being recovery bars they can naturally be taken after a workout to replenish depleted energy levels and to aid in muscle building. They can also be taken pre-workout to ensure you have enough energy for the job. Or if you’re especially active and looking to supplement in between meals during a work day, you could take them into work with you and eat with your morning coffee or afternoon green tea!


You would usually find that a protein bar brand would come in a myriad of differing flavours as too appeal to, and attract a broader market share. But BattleOats seem to have plumped with the two flavour offerings, which I have to admire as they obviously have confidence in them.

Oats “N” Honey | Dark Choc Chip

Both flavours can boast to be:

✓ SUITABLE for vegetarians
✓ GREAT source of slow-release energy
✓ HIGH in protein (18g per bar)
✓ FORTIFIED with 22 Vitamins, Minerals & Electrolytes
✓ HEALTHY fats used only
✓ ZERO trans fats
✓ NO refined sugars added
✓ GMO free
✓ 100% natural ingredients
✓ OVEN baked for quality, freshness and taste

As for my personal taste test I would have to confess that the Dark Choc Chip didn’t tingle my taste buds. Now this may be a personal thing as I’m known not to be a chocolate fan at best, but I wasn’t too overjoyed at the Oats “N” Honey either.

Thinking that it may be me, I tested them out on some gym buddies, and the response wasn’t too overwhelming from them either. Not to say they were hideous by any stretch, but they didn’t leave me wanting more. Which is a shame and a surprise given that they claim to “taste AWSOME” on the site, and I’ve seen good feedback on social media.

Cost & Availability

A single 80 gram bar will set you back a hefty £2.50, or you can bulk buy 12 bars for £24.00 thus bringing down a single unit to £2.00 each. The price may well put you off, but keep in mind this is a substantial bar, coming in at 80 grams and including 18 grams of protein it could prove well worth it as a pre/post workout snack. Not sure what snacks you would usually buy in between meals, but for me £2.50 is a stretch and I may well stick to a few mixed fruit & nuts!


Usual protein bars these are not, if you’re a serious athlete you need a serious protein bar to match your expectations, and this bar delivers. Battle Oats have used knowledgeable industry leaders to produce a bar that delivers on all nutritional counts. But personally the taste test left a little lacking, which is a shame because all the other ingredients are in place.

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