Lunches are always problematic on multiday trips, especially now I’m gluten intolerant. So I was quite chuffed to discover that Nairn’s do some gluten-free oatcakes, and unlike many gluten-free products it isn’t a pale shadow of the regular product. It’s simply made from oats that haven’t been cross-contaminated by wheat.


OK, this isn’t going to work on multiday backpacks, but as a quick and simple option that you can throw in the pack it’s difficult to beat. Being gluten intolerant, you can’t just rely on being able to eat out, so having an easy option like this that can be thrown into the pack is just great.

Not only that, but half a pack of Philly and six oatcakes pack an impressive 500 calories. Or you can go for a lighter fat cheese if you’re not going to burn that off.

They cost £2 for a 135g pack of 18 oatcakes, packed into three handy portions of six.

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  1. fishy341653 6 years ago

    are we love oatcakes with primula cheese & chive or peanut butter or tuna in foil pouches or even hummus .

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