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Five Things – That Make a Luxury Wild Glamp

By Dave Roberts   

on September 15, 2013    No ratings yet.

Five Things – That Make a Luxury Wild Glamp

You’re probably wondering, looking out at the autumnal weather, why we’re posting this now. Well, so are we to be honest, but if you do go camping over the winter months, the tents are heavier and the nights are longer. So you’re carrying so much weight to start with, you’re hardly going lightweight you may as well add some luxuries. With those long evenings as well, some of these luxuries become essential.

It’s up to you whether you take a few of these, or the lot. You can get away with taking most and still be able to lift the pack, but you can always take something luxurious to make the trip more enjoyable. If we’ve missed anything – then feel free to comment below, or on the various social networking sites we post to.

1 – Big Tent. We love tipis, they’re cool and provide a lot of space for less weight. The Shangri-La 3 by GoLite may weigh in at 1.8kg but is palatial for two people. The Trango 4 by Mountain hardwear is the winter tent of choice – stands up to anything and plenty of room for 3 or even 4 people. Two porches are a bonus.


2 – Fried breakfast. Frying an egg is quite an art when camping, but easy when you know how. Here’s how to carry the eggs onto the hill, and how to cook the perfect camping fried egg. We’ve finally added some images of the perfect fried eggses in the wild, as we really don’t think it’s cricket to be doing ‘how to’ articles in the kitchen or even photographing kit in the garden.


3 – A Chair. There are very few options here, with the Helinox Chair One being one of the few we could find for sale in the UK and practical for wild camping use.


4 – Thick Down Mat – Something like the Exped DownMat 9 which is a winter camping essential. We use the DownMat 7 which is not as thick, and as such a bit lighter

5 – Single Malt. Especially useful if you haven’t got a thick down mat as every dram of this increases the comfort level of any sleeping surface.


6 – Real Coffee. Has to be on the list! The Aeropress is now our coffee maker of choice, but you can always go down the line of camp coffee or check out the other camping coffee options we’ve put together.


7 – Home Made Food. While you can cook your own grub on the mountain, it’s more convenient to bring a bagged portion of your favourite curry or pasta sauce. Cooking rice or pasta is easy. Take it one step further by enjoying true luxury on the hill by eating what most would struggle to cook while car camping. With a Backpacker’s Oven you can cook pizza and anything else that you’d normally cook in an oven. We’ve done pizzas and tinned Fray Bentos pies on the mountain in this, we really are planning on making a lasagne in one next spring.Oven_620_13

Finally, you can even barbecue whilst wild camping with the Grilliput BBQ and Firebowl.


8 – Projector – We’ve recently got our mitts on an Aiptek A50P pico projector, with a review to follow, which works reasonably well in a tent environment if you have an external power pack to hand and something to project upon. A speaker comes in handy as well. The image doesn’t do it justice, but was the best we could manage on the hill. We’ll post some decent ones with the review. The central pole of the tipi was also slightly in the way, but the image was certainly large and bright enough!

cerrig_myllt_91_960Missed anything? Post your suggestions below.

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4 thoughts on “Five Things – That Make a Luxury Wild Glamp”

  1. nice one, how long and well do the eggs keep and do you think they will keep in a zippy bag , coz am off on the 24th till the 2nd. yep egg and salami well it comes from a pig . any way is there something wrong with posting wild-camp things at this time of year ?? i go all year and if the grandson had his own way he’d do the same.

    1. The box protects them, so you’d need to be extra careful if you keep them in a bag. If you put them in a ziploc, then wrap them, then if they do break you might still be able to salvage something edible from the destruction?
      I like wild camping all year round – though November until it snows is the only time I’m not keen on going solo. Hope you have a good week – the forecast isn’t too bad (this part of the world anyway!)

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