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First this is just for fun folk get far to hetup about things now a days, sow on with the stoves first the penny stove at 6.5 grams is a Pressurized Jet Alcohol Stove These stoves also have little jets like the open jet stoves, but lack the open center fuel port.

Instead, the fuel port is generally closed off with a penny This allows for the stove to build up pressure as it heats up, forcing streams of fuel vapor through its jets.  These stoves generally must be preheated by burning a small amount of fuel at the base or on top of the stove. Next the beer bottle stove at 30 grams is a Side Burner Jet Alcohol Stove These are open jet stoves with jets on the side.

Like the regular open jet stoves, alcohol is poured in an open centre fuel port and lit.  Once the jets ignite, you set your pot on top of the stove and seal off the centre fuel port, creating a pressurized system.  The advantage of these systems is that you don’t need a separate pot stand to cook with. This burns a little hotter then penny stove but burns more fuel .

Next is the super cat at 8.1 grams it’s a Low Pressure Side Burner Alcohol Stove Most use a simple up-draft concept to preheat the stove and fuel, but they also turn into pressurized side burners when a pot is placed on top of them.  Made with the right number, configuration of and sized holes/ventilation, and you’ll have a very light weight and dependable stove that doesn’t need a pot stand, this is the hotist and uses the most fuel .

And the last of my stoves the Wick stove at 35.7 grams is a Water-cooled Wick Alcohol Stove Wick stoves burn long and slow yes it a snow melter and the water cooled jacket stops the fuel overheating, and it makes the best porage. A little note just renumber thees stover not toys they will harm you if you do not take care Alcohol burns indivisibly be safe have fun and live life.

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