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Five Things You Should Know About Ski Insurance


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Five Things You Should Know About Ski Insurance

Five Things You Should Know About Ski Insurance

Excited to go on a skiing trip?  Before you even think of ski hire and lift passes, and the cheapest way to get to your destination, you should seriously consider getting ski insurance.

For many tourists, a skiing trip is the most physically demanding holiday they’ll ever have in their lives. There is no guarantee that a tourist will leave the slopes unharmed.

If you’re still hesitant of getting ski travel insurance, think of what happened to Formula One great Michael Schumacher who suffered from severe head injuries after a skiing accident in 2013.

That said, here are five things you should know about getting an insurance policy for winter sports:

  1. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) won’t suffice

One of the common mistakes tourists who go on ski trips make is thinking that a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) would provide sufficient coverage should they get involved in an accident.

But an EHIC only entitles the bearer to state-provided medical assistance. Since most of the clinics in the Alps are private entities, an EHIC won’t suffice. Tourists could still face a hefty bill even if they have an EHIC.


  1. Specialist cover is needed

Standard travel insurance policies don’t include high risk sports like skiing. Thus you will need to buy an extra cover for your skiing trip. If you have multi-trip travel insurance, check if it includes winter sports pack. If it doesn’t include one,  find out how much it costs. Check, too, if it would be more practical to just purchase a single-trip policy with winter sports coverage.

  1. Don’t Drink While Skiing

If you were found drunk when you got involved in a skiing accident, your insurer may refuse to pay out. It is a common practice for travel insurance firms to include a clause in the coverage indicating that they won’t cover claims that were caused by alcohol consumption.

This does not only mean having too many beers before going to the slopes. You should avoid drinking too much the night before, as your blood alcohol level would still be high the following morning.


  1. Wear a helmet

Another reason that insurers refuse to pay out is when they find out that the policy holder didn’t properly protect herself before hitting the slopes. You should thus wear a helmet when skiing so that you will be fully covered just in case something happens to you.  In certain countries like Canada, wearing of a helmet is a must for all ages. In Italy, anyone who is under 14 years old should wear one.


  1. Check your equipment

Whether you own the ski equipment or you plan to hire one at the resort, make sure that your insurance policy covers it. Moreover, ensure that you comply with rules regarding the storage of the equipment. You may not be covered if you leave things in your hotel room or in an unattended car.

Indeed, getting winter sports insurance can protect you in case anything unfortunate happens while you are enjoying your time in the slopes.

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