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This device for wild camping is certainly going to divide opinion. However, on one of those sociable wild camps, a bit of music or radio is usually welcome and this allows you to do so without having to listen to the tinny smartphone speakers.


The Veho 360 is a single, tiny speaker that booms your sounds out at a surprisingly loud volume, they definitely go up to eleven. It’s rechargeable, lasting about 8 hours on a single charge, and weighs in at only 50g  which is less than a set of batteries. If you take a battery-pack, then you can easily keep it topped up on the go with the mini USB port, though a micro USB interface would have been preferable for me as I’d only require one cable to charge everything. However, after hours of use, It’s yet to require charging, which means the 8 hour claim on the box is realistic. The battery capacity is 300mAh, which is useful to know if you’ve got a backup battery and need to know roughly how much juice these will take to top up, which is incidentally a negligible amount compared to a smartphone.


Portable speakers are hardly essential wilderness kit, but if you’ve got a small MP3 player or radio that only works on headphones, then it does make a welcome addition to your wild camping entertainment. Coupling this with a tiny radio is certainly a lighter option than the radio I used to carry on my very first wild camps. Whilst I made use of this by testing it with my Sony Xperia Z, Aiptek Projector and venerable MP3 player; I think that coupling with a tiny personal radio would make this a real winner, with budget options with built in MP3 players cheaply available, or better still a DAB version if you’re confident you’ll get a signal in the hills.

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