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Top 3 Military Watches

By Paul Clough   

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Top 3 Military Watches

Finding the right Military Watch for yourself can be a little tricky with so many brands available offering numerous models to choose from, so to help ease along your decision here is a handy guide to three of the top selling military watches that are currently available from probably the three main brands Traser, MTM and Luminox.

Traser H3 P5900 Type 3 Watch

This collection from Traser covers a number of price ranges but all have incredible features that were featured in the first widespread military watch, much like the popular Traser H3 P5900 Watch that while it isn’t quite as sturdy as some of the core Traser H3 watches it makes for a great light duty or casual watch.  The case is a tough polyamide, a steel bezel and hardened mineral glass for durability and water resistance up to 30 metres and the precision movement is Ronda 505 Quartz all of which make for an incredibly reliable timepiece.   The P5900 watch has a total of 14 tritium lights that will last up to ten years allowing you to see the time clearly in zero light conditions.

MTM Cobra Watch

The MTM watch brand is well established in making military watches that are incredibly resilient and packed with features which are clearly shown in the bestselling MTM Cobra Watch.  This particular model has proven popular with aviators due to the super luminous numbers and the anti-reflective and scratch resistant hardened sapphire crystal glass and the titanium case and band makes it very durable and lightweight too.  The proprietary Quartz chronograph movement is incredibly reliable down to the second and features a precision alarm as well and is water resistant up to 200 metres so it will withstand the harshest environments and combat scenarios you may have to face.

Luminox Original Navy Seals 3001 Watch

One of the most popular in the Luminox collection is the Luminox Original Navy Seals 3001 Watch, designed specifically for the Navy Seals in the late 1980’s and tried and tested on battlefields across the globe to ensure resilience and reliability.  Each Luminox 3001 watch case is made from a fibreglass reinforced polyester with a stainless steel back, double gasket crown and has tempered scratch resistant glass making each one not only durable and light in weight but also water resistant to 200 metres.  The movement in this Luminox military watch is multi-jewel Swiss quartz so you can rely on it especially with a 4 year battery life and the Arnitel dive strap is perfect if you need to use it in conjunction with nautical activities.

In all any of these military watches from these premium brands will do the job you require if you want a reliable watch designed to last through combat but be sure to check out their other collections too for many other different special ops specific watches (ExtremeWatches) that may better meet your needs.

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