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To infinity . . . and beyond!

By Tryfan Williams   

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To infinity . . . and beyond!

This is a self heating cup of hot chocolate from Rocketfuel, that includes Guarana, which according to my friend is also contained in the popular chocolate bar Boost. Which does make sense as the can does state Guarana should give you a supercharge energy boost.

If you caught my HotCan  review you’ll recognise this concept of a self contained self heating can. The Rocketfuel is to hot drinks as the HotCan is to hot food. The tech that allows the can to self heat is found at the bottom of the cup, pulling the ring and punching the bottom allows the calcium oxide and water to mix causing a chemical reaction to occur. Give the can a good shake and leave to stand for 3 minutes, this should be enough to heat through. You then pull back the ring on the top of the can and enjoy.

The cup I had contained hot chocolate, and from what i can see there is a white coffee option available in the self heating range. A pack of six fetches £12.00 on Amazon, so you’re looking at £2.00 per unit, which in high street coffee shop comparison is OK. I got mine from Asda, and according to the website they’re also stocked at Amazon, Nisa stores, Sainsbury’s, Tesco

So how do we categorise this? I suppose it’s a portable self heating hot drink. Making it useful on the road, wherever you don’t have access to a kettle, or as I made use of it on a mountain walk.

It’s feature lends itself to mountain use on a cold day, but then again what kind of walk? Well if you’re on a wild camp you won’t be interested as a camp stove is your option, if on a 4-6 hour walk surely a decent flask would keep its heat and allow you to have substantial more cups! I would venture that this cup would come in handy if your walk lies in between, in a time-frame where a flask won’t keep your beverage hot, or possibly on a shorter walk where you’re looking to travel light. As this was the first walk after the “indulgences” of Christmas we tested it on a short walk up Moel y Gest, Porthmadog.


Is it any good? Well it did what it said on the tin as it were, the chocolate was hot and it certainly gave me a boost. It may of been the Guarana and chocolate mix, or it may of been our eagerness to try it and the lack of shaking enough of the can, but it seemed the chocolate was a bit too strong a taste for myself and the other two who were guinea pigs in the taste test. Other than calling a hot chocolate beverage too chocolatey we couldn’t find a fault.


Personally I’m not a coffee man so didn’t try the coffee option available, if you do try it let me know how you get on.

Oh and my thanks to the two guinea pigs @Stevecope242 and @Arwel24 .

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