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Windproofs aren’t waterproofs, obviously, but they do offer some protection against light rain. This protection is soon lost if you don’t look after your windproof kit properly. Here are The Beast’s tips on keeping them as water resistant as possible.

1 – Don’t wash them in your usual detergent. This strips them of any water resistance, and if you do this then you fully deserve to get wet. You should clean them with a soap based product such as Nikwax Techwash or similar. Yes, this stuff costs a lot more than the regular stuff, but you probably paid a lot more for your windproofs. If you don’t believe me, try it out, and once you’ve wrung yourself out, you’ll realise you were wrung, wrong and I was wright.


Just the one for me, I’m driving…
Probably best not to leave this around too long...
Probably best not to leave this around too long…

2 – With the day to day care sorted, you will need to restore the DWR – durable water resistance – occasionally. I just throw my lightweight windproof in when I’m proofing my Paramo kit and you can get it done at the same time without adding extra proofer. Nikwax TX Direct wash in proofer is the one I use, but there are others by Grangers that are just as good but might require the tumble drying of the garment to activate.


3 – Don’t expect miracles. If it’s pi**ing it down, you will get wet. At best, you’ll be less wet during a shower than you would otherwise have been, but it might make the difference between a damp run and a downright miserable one.

And it was all yelooooow…

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