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Yet another glorious weekend walk had by all and just hoping it won’t be the last.

Decided that over Elidir from Dinorwig was the most appealing option as I had to work around the logistics of getting to Capel Curig by lunchtime on the Saturday.

I’m only posting some images, but the wild camping spot at Llyn y Cwn was pretty impressive. Tested this weekend were the Asus eee tab and the GSI Mini espresso maker, with reviews to follow.

Peace and quiet was certainly here tonight, a pleasant surprise as I’d expected the Friday night campers to appear in force. The only disturbance was what first sounded like cowbells and turned out to be late walkers descending the scree from Glyder Fawr.

The morning, fortified eventually with some proper coffee, was over Glyder Fawr where I confused 2 guys as I was looking for my sunglassess. They just don’t know the story.. Over Glyder Fach, by this time in a bit of a rush, and down the Miners rather than over the longer ridge to Capel.

What was probably the noisiest walking group I’ve encountered. I descended a scree path to avoid their chatter. I don’t know if it was just me after a night of peace and quiet, or if these truly were noisy, but I could still hear them as the crested the Miner’s Path and I was halfway down Cwm Tryfan….

Once down Cwm Tryfan, I took the old coach road to Capel. The 1000m race was on as well and i’d got down just in time it seems as they were on the way up. Further along, there was another set of numbered walkers as opposed to runners and they were ascending an interesting looking ridge that leads to Llyn Caseg Fraith that looks like one for next time.

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