Bedd Gelert – Gelert’s Grave

Bedd Gelert – Gelert’s Grave

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Place Type:  Historic Location

Bedd Gelert – Gelert’s Grave

Known as the location of Gelert’s Grave.

The Legend of Gelert

Wether or not you believe the story, or you think it was all a genius piece of Victorian era marketing, it’s still an interesting story for the kids. We won’t go into it in detail, but to cut a long story short – Gelert was killed by his master (King Llywelyn the Great) as he thought he’d killed his child, while in fact he’d actually protected the child from a wolf. The blood wasn’t the infant prince’s, but the wolf’s blood. As he was overcome with remorse, he decided to bury his faithful hound with ceremony in what became Bedd Gelert.


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