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If you’re running, you don’t usually need much for those safe urban runs, but when you’re heading further afield you probably need to carry some odds and ends, especially if your route takes you over any high ground. You can go for a small pack or a waist pack such as the OMM Ultra Waist Pouch.

Like the usual OMM packs, they manage to create a pack that’s light yet durable.

This lumbar pack consists of a comfortable waist strap that’s well padded to prevent too much movement, but I still found that the lumbar pack moved. This can be distracting when you first use it for running as you’re convinced that everything is going to shake loose. Yet once you realise that they’re not, it becomes less distracting. There’s no such problem with movement when walking and you get used to it when running, and less so when you’re on rougher terrain than when you’re running to a steady rhythm (e.g. on roads).

It comes with it’s own wide mouthed water bottle, though mine’s now somewhere on the southern slopes of Carnedd y Cribau, and a mesh pocket into which it fits snugly. For the record, I lost it from another pack and it’s shown no tendency to become loose in it’s proper pocket.

The body of the pack is only 6 litres, but it can swallow a light Paramo smock comfortably. There’s also a carrying rack on the top where you can stash your windproof. Not only are the bungees secure, there’s another strap that crosses over making it even more secure.

There’s an intriguing sleeve pocket where the pack rests against your lower back. This mesh pocket is where I keep my map, though you could equally store a garment in there so long as you don’t mind it getting sweaty.
Secure side pocket on the waist strap, with a mesh one on the opposite side for nibbles.

If you run trails or fell, then you’ll need something like this. Walkers are a bit more conservative, but if the conditions are fine this is my pack of choice for shorter walks such as Snowdon as an after work walk. For longer walks I might need to be able to carry some more food, but even then if travelling fast, making do with flapjacks and drinking from streams it should be fine for a well planned longer walk. It’s also practical on a bike.

All in all, a robust lumbar pack of the quality you’d expect from OMM. Whether you need one of these or a smaller pack is down to personal choice, but I find it invaluable for most of my summer outings. Putting my money where my mouth is, I even plan to wild camp in the spring or summer using just one of these lumbar packs! I shan’t eat well, but I’ll survive. The carrying rack on the top is how I’ll ‘cheat’ this one!

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Dave Roberts

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