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Ideal Stocking Fillers – Walkers

By Emma Nutter   

on November 30, 2011    5/5 (1)

Ideal Stocking Fillers – Walkers

If you’re lucky enough to have a walker in the family then you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to stocking fillers this year. It makes life so much easier choosing a christmas gift when somebody has a hobby, and to top it off you don’t have to spend a fortune either.

1. Compass

Nothing beats a good old fashioned compass for the ardent walker so do away with the expensive GPS. Here’s one fore sale on amazon – compass. It fits perfectly into a stocking and if you don’t want to pay full whack then you can pick up a keyring compass for £2.99 from millets – Millets keying compass. 

2. Walking Socks

Socks you say? For christmas? Well what an original idea! A pair of socks may be a bit predictable but they make a practical gift for walkers, and lets face it, you can never have enough socks! You can get them depending on the type of walking, the season or the price you’re willing to pay. Check out some here.

3. Hand and Feet Warmers

These are ideal for the time of year. They fit easily in a rucksack and once activated can last up to 10 hours. The feet warmers have sticky pads that grip to your sock so that they don’t move about in your boots. A must for anybody walking or camping in winter. Find them here.

4. Pocket Mountains

Pocket mountains publish mini books on walks in various parts of the country. They offer an “easy walks” series and books on running and cycling. These fit nicely in your pocket, and nicely in a stocking!


5. First Aid Kit

Clumsy or not, most walkers at some point will have need for a first aid kit so make sure they’re well prepared if they ever decide to take a tumble. This first aid kit is compact but includes everything they’ll need to deal with any cuts, scrapes and bruises.





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