Groundhog Day… same 4×4 returns to Snowdon Summit No ratings yet.

I honestly thought the report this lunchtime was a joke. But no. Not so…

The one recently advertised on Ebay, and we’d put on here thinking the guy had learnt his mistake, realised he’d been a little daft and was trying to make amends.

Now there’s no proof he’s driven it up this time, but the fact remains that this is probably the same vehicle and is actually parked ON TOP of the cafe…

While it is emblazoned with an ebay item number, clearly Ebay have seen sense and removed the item this was a publicity stunt for from the site so for that reason I haven’t blurred the item number. I just hope if the same guy has anything to do with this, I hope they throw the book at him, which might hopefully deter any copycats.

The fact remains how did the vehicle get onto the hill? Are there any access points that could be blocked off?

Here are some images…

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