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Joby Gorilla pod

With the advent of the Smartphone, taking photos is second nature to almost all of us by now. Although quality on a Smartphone is substantial I always take my Lumix TZ20 camera with me for those quality shots. This is all well and good for a quick shot here and there, but if you’re looking to get a perfect landscape shot a pro will always tell you a steady hand is no match for a tripod mounted shot, though a heavy tripod is the last thing you need on top of your day pack, so step in the gorilla pod. This lightweight piece of kit always stays in my pack, and at 45.3 grams (1.6oz) for the Original Version you can appreciate why.

Simply screw fix the quick release bracket to your camera before heading out, then when needed slide onto your gorilla pod for instant setup, remembering to switch the lock on, and its as simple as that. It especially comes into it’s own with a timer function on your camera, simply set up the perfect shot angel, set the camera timer and run like the wind to get yourself into the shot! (see the classic choir CD cover pose below taken with a 10 second timer and an almost disastrous jump into the river by myself to get into the shot!)

Apart from the obvious weight and size advantages the gorilla pod has flexible legs, akin to an eagles claw. This is made possible thanks to over two dozen independent leg joints with 360 degree rotation, which allows you to place on a branch, a post, heck almost anywhere! As well as having Rubberized ring and foot grips to provide enhanced stability on difficult terrain this makes it perfect for any budding adventure seeking photographer.


Is this better than a full blown pro tripod? Probably not, but then not everyone is a budding David Bailey, and if you’re out just to get the best photo you can without bogging your pack down with unneeded weight this will suit you down to the ground!

In saying that even the keen are catered for as the gorilla comes in a more heavy duty version for SLR’s. In fact Joby by now have an extensive range of tripods and camera accessories in a myriad of colour choices, including a magnet version and a roller version they’ve got it all covered.

The Original Gorilla pod can be found online for as little as £15.99, and with a certain holiday coming up it might make that perfect gift for the photography keen walker/adventurer still on your list!

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