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You may recall our first look at the Compass Caddy a few weeks ago, so here’s an update on what’s in it for you if you support this innovative new bit of kit via Kickstarter.

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£1 – Gets you good karma, and your name on the website.

£14 (or £12 if you get in early) for the Regular Joe package – Not bad for a pair of Compass Caddies.

£20 buy’s you the status of ‘Gear Whisperer‘ and a personalised Compass Caddy, which can be made to fit your pole or compass as well as having your name embossed on it. You’ll also get your hands on the Compass Caddy this August rather than having to wait until December.

£33 (0r £30 for the early bird special) for the ‘Gear Whisperer Plus‘, which provides you with both the personalised caddy as well as a couple more for good measure.

£45 or more gets you a whole shed load, 10 compass caddies, ideal for a walking group or for as presents for all of your walking mates.

The Kickstarter campaign is just about to start, so keep an eye out on Mud and Routes, on our twittter feed @mudandroutes or @thecompasscaddy for the latest updates.

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