Compass Caddy First Look

We told you first about the Compass Caddy, and we’ve finally got out onto the mountains of Snowdonia (on the Marchllyn Circuit, if anyone’s interested) to test one of the first prototypes. As it’s been printed on a 3D printer, which is pretty cool in itself, we’re not reviewing this fully just yet as the build quality

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Navigation Skills 13 Resectioning

This is the classic map reading skill, where you can determine your location accurately by pinpointing two or three other features. Transit Lines – This is when a number of features will line up directly from one location. This will provide you with a perfect line – and you’ll be located somewhere along that line.

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Navigational Skills 5 All you wanted to know about Naismith’s Rule and Route Timing

Naismith’s rule, named after William W. Naismith, was devised in 1892 to estimate the time taken to cover distances in the mountains. He estimated that you: allow 1 hour per 5km walked and 1 hour for every 600m ascended. If you ever do a Mountain Leader or Navigation course, then you’ll have this drummed into

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Tranter’s Corrections?

Tranter’s corrections are often quoted, but seem to be based on a strange premise of what constitutes fitness. The table below then corrects your Naismith Time depending on your level of ‘fitness’. It also goes as far as saying that this walk’s too much for you slow coach. All well and good, but my fully

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Berghaus Map Case Review

I’m usually torn when it comes to map cases. On some level, I think they’re useless and a waterproof map serves the purpose much better. On another, they work out cheaper if you need to buy loads of maps rather than just a couple. So when on home turf, I’m usually found with a waterproof

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