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 @BerwynWilliams takes a look into the latest “Fitness Revolution!”

I’ve struggled for quite a few years to get back to a healthy lifestyle and the fitness levels that I used to be in my early twenties. Granted that’s been down to my lack of motivation and probably too much of the good life!

However, I decided before Christmas to do something about it. I’m 37 and I felt it was now or never to change my ways, so after a lot of soul searching and persuading my girlfriend to take part as well, we signed up for a Boot Camp experience! Extreme needs called for extreme measures….

We decided the best way to start was to go for the 1-2-1 Personal Training regime, to focus our efforts in the best way possible. We had a body fitness assessment, as well as a tailored nutrition plan, as it’s 60% nutrition and 40% exercise.

The Boot Camp fitness program always addresses the 5 following essentials:

  1. Cardiovascular Fitness
  2. Flexibility Training
  3. Strength Training
  4. Muscular Endurance
  5. Muscular Strength

And the best thing about it is the fact that one session is never the same as the last.

It felt like going back to school PT, you have to accept that you are going to get muddy, you are going to hate it when you’re doing it, but there is no better feeling than heading home knowing you have just worked your body to the limit and you deserve a nice long soak and a good night’s sleep after it. Or, if it’s the morning session that you will be ready and raring to go for the rest of your day.

The personal trainers do look after you well, and keep it fun as well as hard working. Following 3 months of PT, we are now at a stage where we can embrace the group Boot Camp sessions with no fear, but with hunger to push ourselves even further and see even more of result than we already have.

Here us an example of a Boot Camp session:


3 laps of the field, with 5 Star Jumps in each corner as you run around, followed by…

> 30 Sumo Squats (each leg)
> 20 Squat, Squat, Lunge

X 3 sets

Rest for 1 minute

> 30 Step ups or toe taps each leg (on the side of a tractor tyre)
> 20 Tuck Ins

x 3 sets

2 laps of the field then rest for 1 minute. Take on some water (small gulps is always best)

> 30 Press ups
> 20 Wide arm press ups

X 3 sets

2 laps of the field

> 30 Tyre flips (tractor tyre)
> 20 Delt raises with a car tyre over the head

X 3 sets

> 30 Basic Ab crunches
> 20 V Sits

X 3 sets

So if you want a fun and healthier alternative to the boring, dry, crusty ol’ gym, then look for your closest Boot Camp, sign up and don’t forget . . . .

Eat Clean and Train Dirty!!

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