The Black Diamond Ion head-torch has to be one of the tiniest and lightest headtorches on the market Used on our recent superlightweight challenge, this has found its way into our emergency bag as a spare torch, many a wild camp and into small short pockets for those twilight runs you hope you can complete before it gets too dark.


Opening it up initially in order to put in the battery is a challenge, and you need to remove the light section from the headband and use a screwdriver to prise the two halves apart.

You can store it with the on/off button turned inwards, then the lamp’s cradle will hopefully protect it from accidental use.

The headband is, as you’d expect for such a light head-torch, rather flimsy. Yet it is secure in use and stays put even while running.

One of the two main drawbacks of the torch is that the light output is rather meagre but more than sufficient for your usual stuff around camp. I wouldn’t want to use it on a planned night walk, but it would be better in an emergency than no torch. The other is that the batteries are expensive, only last a maximum of 15 hours and are not available everywhere.

Summary: Tiny, lightweight head-torch for those who have to have all the lightest gear.

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