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Sometimes you just do something because you must. So finding myself with a key and not a single pocket, I had to work out how to take a door key on a run without resorting to a jangling chain or carrying a waist-pack just for that purpose. You’ll be glad to know that it does not involve this and any part of your body.

You will need:

One Nato Style watch strap

One Key Ring – as in just the ring, not the fob.

The NATO style strap is essential, as it protects your wrist from the key.

1 Attach the ring to the inner strap.

2 Attach the key to the key ring.

3 Slot the key into the gap between the straps, and hopefully it’ll all fit. The end of the key can be wedged out of our watch, but depends on how much room you’ve got at the watch attachments.


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