We’re all probably guilty of it. Getting complacent on our local runs and following the same old routes, time and time again. So tonight, I took a slight variation on my run and found myself on the ancient main road that used to join Caernarfon and Pwllheli up until two hundred years ago. As it has excellent visibility in all directions (or did before becoming overgrown) this route was probably in use for some time before that.

country_lane002I half expected to find a milestone in all the undergrowth, but there were plenty of old gate posts which were probably the access routes to the farms at one point.


Unfortunately, the track no longer joins up to the modern road, even if there is meant to be a public right of way that continues onwards into this undergrowth. There was a crossing point, but I know that they’re not easily accessible from the other end, so it was a retreat.

country_lane001Even though I’d only added a few hundred metres to my run, taking the wrong turn ended up being the most interesting bit on an otherwise mundane run. So this weekend – take a new track on your run, even if you do only end up adding a short dog leg to the run!


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