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Ascendancy Apparel Duffle Bag Review

After extensive use Nia bring’s us here Ascendancy Apparel Duffle Bag Review

This is a slightly different review to what I’d usually do because Ascendancy Apparel’s products are designed primarily for casual use; whilst many people do where them during adventures they aren’t technical items and therefore would not be expected to have wicking qualities, but they are certainly of a high quality and very attractive and products!

Ideal for days out, transporting your gym gear or carrying your running kit . . .

Ascendancy Apparel Duffle Bag

I’ve been using the duffle for climbing and gym sessions and Mountain Rescue training and even though it doesn’t have many technical specs I was really impressed with the quality and style of the bag.

The inside of the bag is plastic, therefor it’s really easy to wipe clean if you get the inside mucky. If you’re anything like me, my climbing bag is always covered in chalk and mud from the soles of my trainers, so it was very handy to wipe it down quickly!

The zip pouch pocket on the back of the bag comes in handy too. I use it to keep some cash and my mobile –  saves me from having to rummage through everything in the large section to find them!


Even though it’s only a 20 litre bag, I was amazed at how much I could actually fit into it. It was certainly a lot bigger than I expected. I managed to fit in my harness, climbing shoes, chalk bag, set of clothing and a large flask and I still had plenty of room. The adjustable strap makes it easy for you to make it fit perfectly on your shoulder too.


My favourite feature about the bag is definitely the style and look of it. I’ve been reviewing the blue bag with white straps and I absolutely love how stylish it is. I’m a big fan of the Ascendancy Apparel logo and it definitely looks great on this duffle. This is one very attractive bag and I would definitely recommend it for gym goers, climbers and anyone who carries around sport gear from day to day!


  • Dimensions: 50 x 25 x 25 cm
  • Zipped pouch pocket on the rear side
  • 20 litres capacity
  • Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap

Even though I’ve been primarily reviewing the duffle, I also got to try out one of the AA tee’s too. The tee’s are super comfy and are nice and fitted for women which makes it very flattering. There’s nothing worse than t.shirts losing shape after a wash or two but this one has kept its stretchiness and shape despite all the washes. Here’s a picture of me wearing it on a hike in Colorado this Autumn.


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Nia Jenkins

Nia is a keen mountaineer and loves spending any spare time in the hills. She is a member of the Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue team since 2015 and there she has gained numerous qualifications and training. She summited Mt Kilimanjaro in 2014 and reached Everest Basecamp in 2015. She will be going on an expedition to Mt Blanc in 2017 and is hoping to reach Everest summit one day!

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