Promixx Review

If you’re into your sports these days then chances are you’re using some kind of supplement. A good chance it would be powder based, and added to water/milk/or juice of some kind. Traditionally you would drop your powder into water/milk/juice in a shaker and, well, shake! Giving you a lumpy grainy substance to struggle to …

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Iced Protein Coffee Recipe

Right off the bat let’s be honest, I’m no coffee buff, I’ve only recently taken to drinking it as a post-work / pre-workout drink. I can’t say I’m hooked on the taste, but with the recent warm weather I have taken a liking to the well know coffee houses offering their usual hot brew in …

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Bounce Balls

  Bounce Natural Energy Balls You may or may not remember my attempt at home made protein balls; and you may not have tried the recipe out for yourself. However if you did you’ll know that they weren’t going to win any Michelin stars any time soon, and it got me thinking where I was …

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