Promixx Review

By Tryfan Williams   

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Promixx Review

If you’re into your sports these days then chances are you’re using some kind of supplement. A good chance it would be powder based, and added to water/milk/or juice of some kind.

Traditionally you would drop your powder into water/milk/juice in a shaker and, well, shake! Giving you a lumpy grainy substance to struggle to chugg down! Promixx have taken this mundane task and given it a modern update with no little style.


What they say

PROMiXX™ fluid dynamics unleashes the incredible mixing power of nature’s vortex, for the smoothest blends on the planet!

Check out my You Tube channel for a preview of the Promixx VORTEX with Whey Protein mix!



A nice 600ml tumbler with Promixx logo along the side, careful not to fill to the brim to allow vortex room to grow! Promixx recommend a fill between 250ml / 8ox and 450ml / 15oz, I used the first X of the logo as my guide.

Blunt blade (Inside Tumbler)

The site claims the dynamics that replicate the vortex created by the blunt blade allows better mixing and maintains the integrity of the micro nutrients in your supplements, while the usual mechanical movements created by traditional blender can damage the structure of proteins!

Leak Proof Sports Cap

A few products claim to be leak proof, but thus far the Promixxer twist lock and flip cap hasn’t failed me and my t shirts and inside my gym bag have remained dry! (Famous last words!) The only note I would make is the drinking spout for me is a touch too small, I like to consume my supplements in good gulps and this makes it less effective.

Detachable Motor

So this is the Promixer power house. A fully detachable battery operated motor (2x AAA, not provided). This allows you to whizz your supps, then remove and drink. The disappointment here, you guessed it, battery operated in this day and age! It’s a real shame as I love the look of this product. It’s modern and stylish, battery operated does not fit into that sentence!



Whats wrong with my trusted shaker I got free with my supplement order? The answer I suppose is nothing. If you’re happy that your shaker shakes your protein quite adequately already, then I cant see you investing in this. But if you already make use of a blender at home then possibly this could do the job nicely for you, with the added bonus of being portable.

The portability cannot be underestimated. Taking your shaker and supplements in tower tubs for consumption on the move is essential for many, but it was impossible to carry your blender from the kitchen at home! But not now, the Promixx enables you to get a smooth supplement hit in work, on travels, heck anywhere really. Very handy as well if your supplements require consumption pre, post or intra workout, allowing for maximum effectiveness. I’ve even heard that Promixx are working on an improved version incorporating a supplements carrying tub into the bottle, so even less hassle!


The site recommend use for liquid and powder mixing or liquid substance blending, such as Protein supplements, fruit or vegetable supplements, through to omelettes milk shakes, baby formula or even your favourite cocktails! I used it predominantly with my usual whey protein, creatine etc. I even used it with my smoothie, though I have to note only to re-mix an already blended smoothie that was in the fridge. Handy if you make a smoothie for work in the morning with your usual blender, but want to spruce it up before drinking.

Check out my You Tube channel for a preview of the Promixx VORTEX with smoothie mix!


This might be a lavish purchase in some ways, but there is no doubting it’s coolness. If you’re keen on your sports supplements and are a bit of a gadget geek like me, then it’s well worth it! Heck just seeing the vortex was cool enough to sell it for me! The only thing I need now is the new and improved Promixx 2.0!

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