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Anyone who’s considered a trip to the Scottish Highlands during the summer, aka – “the midge season”, will be aware of the reputation this little blighter has. Anyone who’s actually been out there camping will still bear the scars. Even south of the border, while not as large, ravenous or numerous as their Scottish bretheren, you’ll still need one. You can still be hounded into your tent in the welsh summer by midges, making eating an evening meal impossible.

Compared to a two pence piece – about the only use for that coinage these days..

To this end, despite how stupid it looks, and boy does it look stupid in this context, you’ll need some sort of midge protection. Some swear by chemical repellents like Jungle Formula, Avon Skin so Soft or a garlic rich diet. A midge net can act as a belt and braces approach, especially if you’re prone to being bitten on the head.

The Sea to Summit Mosquito Headnet works, and means you can hang about outside if you really have to be outside the tent. It works better with a wide brimmed hat as it keeps the mesh away from your face, otherwise you may find it’s rather uncomfortable to wear and you may struggle to wear it for long.  The neck has a toggle so you can stop the blighters from getting in that way as well. The fabric is even treated with Permethrin repellent.


Of course, you don’t get protected from bites on the rest of your bod. You’ll need chemical protection for that. Or you could go the whole hog and wear a bug jacket and pants!  A bit of an overkill in Snowdonia, where this headnet and some Avon Skin So Soft should see you all right!

Summary: Essential, even south of Scotland, if you’re wild camping in the summer. Does exactly what you’d expect and takes virtually no room in your pack, don’t leave home without it….

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