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While waterproofing your fleece might sound like an exercise in insanity, how many times have you gone out wearing just a fleece with no waterproof jacket only to get caught in the rain and end up shivering because your trusty fleece has become heavy, wet and cold against your skin?


Well, in preparation for the wet autumnal weather, Nikwax’s Polar Proof is the perfect solution for adding water repellency to your fleece so that it will keep you warm and dry and actually extends the life of your fleece.

Five reasons to waterproof your fleece with Nikwax Polar Proof

1. Prevents water being absorbed into the core of the fabric, allowing it to dry faster.

2. Maintains the breathability of the fleece.  This is important when wearing a fleece as a mid-layer as it helps to move water vapour (sweat) from a base layer, through the mid-layer to the outer layer so it can escape.

3.  Maintains the fleece’s insulation qualities as it repels water.  Wet fleeces can lose up to 90% of their insulation making you feel cold very quickly.

4. Inhibits bobbling, extending the life of your fleece.

5.Using Nikwax Polar Proof is safer for you, your family and the environment because all Nikwax products are WaterBased, fluorocarbon (PFC) free and non-flammable.

Why not try it out – NEW Nikwax Polar Proof is available in 50ml sachets for £1.49.  One sachet will proof one fleece.  It is available now at and from all good outdoor retailers from September 2013.

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3 thoughts on “Five Things – Waterproof your fleece”

  1. Does this affect the wicking ability of the fleece? I got a sachet but realised 9 times 10 I get wet from sweat rather than rain… has anyone tried it?

    1. North Face 150 fleece – I wouldnt bother, rain does ‘bead’ very slightly but still gets wet same. DID very definitly work on my montane fleece beanie – kept the rain from entering the material for up to 20 minutes – in fact when I got used to it it stopped me from getting my waterproof jacket out during showers.

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