Walk and Climb Snowdon in Snowdonia

Snowdon – 1085m
Snowdon is much more than just the summit of Snowdon! It’s the highest mountain in Wales and boasts numerous routes up, and climbing Snowdon is rightly on the top of most walker’s wish lists when visiting Snowdonia. With achievable routes from all directions it’s a mountain with a route for all. Pen y Pass boasts the Miners’ Track, PYG Track and the Snowdon Horseshoe scramble for more experienced mountaineers. Llanberis has the much maligned Llanberis path and on the other side of the mountain, the Snowdon Ranger Path ascends from Llyn Cwellyn.

Rhyd Ddu boasts a further two routes, the Rhyd Ddu path and the Snowdon South Ridge paths. Finally, there’s the Watkin Path from Nant Gwynant that’s one of the best routes up, and without doubt the most scenic.
Carnedd Ugain – Crib y Ddysgl  – 1065m
This is Snowdon’s twin peak, only 20m lower in height at 1065m and the second highest mountain in Wales by some measures. It’s a quiet mountain, especially in comparison to Snowdon and usually climbed by those walking up the Snowdon Horseshoe.

Crib Goch – 923m
Whilst arguably only a bump on the ascent of Carnedd Ugain, Crib Goch earns it’s place at any mountain list. It’s an exposed and exciting scramble for those with mountaineering experience and a good head for heights. One for those who want to climb Snowdon.

Y Lliwedd – 898m
The less glamorous half of the Snowdon Horseshoe, but don’t let that put you off. Not as challenging as Crib Goch, it’s still a tough proposition.

Yr Aran – 747m
Number 24 on the list of Wales’ highest Mountains, would be a crowd puller if it wasn’t overshadowed by Snowdon. Nestling to the south of Snowdon, overlooking Cwm Llan, it can be climbed either from Rhyd Ddu or Nant Gwynant. It’s proved to be such a favourite of ours at Mud and Routes that it’s even got it’s own circuit, the Aran Circuit, so you can admire this shapely peak from every angle.

Moel Eilio – 726m
One of those hills that may be climbed once by the visitor to the area, but owing to it’s accessibility for a half day’s walk, countless times by locals! That threatens it becoming stale, but the pleasant and undulating grassy ridge that you can follow from the summit make’s it all worth while. It’s the perfect grassy ridge, you could do it in slippers and you wouldn’t get your feet wet. We exaggerate slightly, but it does make a pleasant change to walk a grassy ridge in Snowdonia that doesn’t want to steal your boots every other step.

Moel Cynghorion – 674m
This is the final summit in the Snowdon range, which is a summit worth ascending for the views towards Snowdon. It’s not the most exciting target for a day out, but can be tacked onto the traverse of the Moel Eilio Ridge or the Snowdon Ranger Path. We’ve added some spice to it in the past by ascending at night, and at night in a blizzard – which we don’t particularly recommend but we particularly enjoyed!!

Snowdon South Ridge from Rhyd Ddu

The Snowdon South Ridge path usually elicits a blank expression on most walkers when you mention routes up Snowdon. Those in the know however, realise that this is an absolute gem of a route that stands modestly in the shadows, shunning the limelight. In comparison, the PYG, Miners Track and Watkin Paths are cheap, talentless …

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Snowdon via The Watkin Path

Snowdon via The Watkin Path

The Watkin Path up Snowdon offers an alternative to the more popular walks from Llanberis and Pen y Pass such as the PYG and Miner’s Tracks. It’s still a very popular path, and rightly so. It provides a variety of walking that none of the other routes to the summit of Snowdon can boast. The Watkin …

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Walk up the Snowdon Ranger Path

Walk up the Snowdon Ranger Path

The Snowdon Ranger path is one of the quieter approaches to the summit of Snowdon which takes it’s name from the Snowdon Ranger YH, or rather from when it was a hotel  which specialised in providing guides for the walk up Snowdon. Starting from the shores of Llyn Cwellyn (and newly christened Lwybr Cwellyn to …

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Best Mountain Walks in Snowdonia

Crib Goch Scramble from Pen y Pass

Crib Goch is the hardest route up Snowdon and starts from Pen-y-Pass along the PYG Track. It’s an exposed grade 1 scramble that should only be attempted if you’re confident in your abilities. NOTE – Distance above is for one way only. You’ll need to double up if you descend the same way – but we don’t recommend …

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The Rhyd Ddu Path up Snowdon

The Rhyd Ddu Path up Snowdon

The Rhyd Ddu Path up Snowdon is one of the traditional routes, and originally started from Beddgelert as a pony track. It’s now one of the quieter paths up, reasonably easy to follow and with an excellent airy walk over Bwlch Main to reach the summit. Full Route Description Snowdon Rhyd Ddu Path 1 From the Car …

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Snowdon via The Watkin Path

All the Walking Routes up Snowdon

Yr Wyddfa* , or Snowdon, (it’s never Mount or Mt Snowdon ) is one of the most popular mountains in the United Kingdom, let alone Snowdonia. It’s sometimes climbed as one of the National 3 Peak Challenge, the Welsh 3 Peaks or during the 14/15 Peaks. With the coming season people will be flocking to ascend Snowdon …

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Best Mountain Walks in Snowdonia

Best Grade 1 Scrambles in Snowdonia

Scrambles in Snowdonia To celebrate the launch of the new Scrambles in Snowdonia by Steve Ashton, published by Cicerone, we’ve collated the best selection of Grade 1 scrambles in Snowdonia. We’ve steered clear of the trickier scrambles and kept to the easier grade 1 routes. Be warned that these are far from being ‘easy’ routes! …

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The Rhyd Ddu Path up Snowdon

The Snowdon Girdle Walking Route

Snowdon is such a popular mountain, it seems quite a bizzare option to visit and totally ignore the summit. However, there’s a little known route called the Girdle of Snowdon that was developed by the guidebook writer – Showell Styles in his classic guidebook – Mountains of North Wales. These days, guidebooks are pretty predictable, but …

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