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Best Sweat Proof Headphones for Running

Best Sweat Proof Headphones for Running
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Preparing for a marathon is tough and sweaty work, which is why having a pair of the best sweat proof headphones for running can be a blessing. It gets irritating after a while when headphones are sliding off your head and earbuds are falling out because the area is so slippery.

It can really detract from a run and the training process as you have to keep stopping so that you can adjust your headphones. Sweat proof headphones take all of this away, so you can stay active and motivated while running in style.

1. Monster iSport Freedom (£149.99)

These wireless headphones have Bluetooth, meaning that there are no annoying cables to hit your chest while you run. There are easily accessible buttons on the side for volume and track control, as well as a function to voice activate calls so that you don’t need to stop and fiddle. It frees up your mind so that you can focus on the music and your run.

Best Sweat Proof Headphones for Running
The sound quality is excellent, and they are easy to charge via USB adaptor, so you can plug them in while you surf the web. They are sweat proof, so they will stay on your head and won’t slip off when you exert yourself. They are also water proof and offer a soft cushion to keep your ears comfortable throughout your regime so that you don’t end up with painful spots and sore ears.

2. Adidas Monster Sport Response (£40)

These earbuds are great, and available at an incredibly affordable price. They are brilliant at staying secure in your ears, partly because they are sweat proof but also thanks to the hooks that attach to the outside of your ear. They will stay in through all of your workouts, providing you with a clear and focused exercise session without compromising on comfort.

Best Sweat Proof Headphones for Running
They have outstanding sound quality, helping to motivate you during your run or gym session. They are comfortable enough that your ears won’t be left hurting and feeling sore after a run. They are water resistant, so rainfall isn’t going to affect their performance. However, showering in these is certainly not advised.

3. MPow Wolverine (£9.99)

Everyone needs a pair of cheap and affordable headphones that are still going to give you good sound and a decent lifespan. They come with three different sizes of earbud for your comfort, so you can find the perfect fit for you. The buds are soft with a slight stick to prevent them falling out when you sweat, making them sweat proof and water resistant.

Best Sweat Proof Headphones for Running
They use Bluetooth and so are compatible with all devices that have this feature enabled. They also have an eight-hour battery life so you can get the best possible use out of them. The sound quality is absolutely fantastic and provides a clear, distinct sound that is very surprising considering the low price of these earbuds. They also have buttons on the side to adjust the volume and the tracks, so you don’t need to keep fiddling while you run. With these, you get to stay in your flow without worry.

There are a large number of sweat proof headphones and earbuds on the market at the moment. Whether you are looking for something cheap and practical, or more expensive and durable, there is a set out there for you.

Hopefully this little guide to the best sweat proof headphones for running has given you some insight into the next pair you plan on purchasing.

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