Berghaus Extrem Micro Down Jacket

By Nia Jenkins   

on December 31, 2016    5/5 (1)

Berghaus Extrem Micro Down Jacket

Berghaus Extrem Micro Down Jacket 

Over the last few months Nia has been been testing out the women’s Extrem Micro Down Insulated Jacket by Berghaus. A lightweight jacket that features water-resistant Hydrodown insulation powered by Nikwax.

Berghaus Extrem Micro Down Jacket Review

I was out hiking in the Rocky Mountains in September so it was a perfect opportunity for me to test it out there and also on the mountains of Snowdonia throughout the autumn months. I was very excited to try out this down jacket because it’s from Berghaus’s ‘EXTREM’ collection!

What they say:

Forget clothing, these garments are more like pieces of equipment, delivering superior protection in changeable mountain conditions to keep you comfortable and focused. The technical features will reliably work time after time, allowing you to concentrate on the climb and nothing else.”


The outer fabric on the Berghaus Extrem Micro Down Jacket is ‘Pertex Quantum CS10’, which is super lightweight, windproof and breathable. Then, on the inside you have the newly updated water-repellent Hydrodown which is powered by Nikwax.

I was wearing this jacket in approximately a temperature of -3 and wet weather conditions in the Rocky’s and I still felt the warmth from the material even when the jacket was wet. I was slightly intrigued to how ‘water-repellent’ this jacket would actually be but as you can see from one of the images below, the water drops would stand on the coat allowing you to shake them off easily.


Berghaus have used a body-mapping design technique on the Berghaus Extrem Micro Down Jacket, which helps to keep the important parts of your body warm such as the core and kidneys and then they use less insulation on parts where it’s not needed as much, for example armpits and the backbone.


One of my favorite features is the style of this jacket, the streamlined design makes it very flattering, especially the slightly longer back that covers your hips and lower back. This jacket also has many little handy features such as; a helmet friendly hood that has a peak for added protection, a tightening device on the back of the hood that allows you to change the size to fit your head perfectly and a small chest pocket to keep your essentials close by.


I only have one negative point about the Berghaus Extrem Micro Down Jacket – if you have long hair and usually wear it down, I’ve noticed that it makes your hair incredibly static. I started to wonder if it was the hair products that I use but after many trials it’s definitely the jacket that creates the static! Very small problem though and can be easily avoided by tying your hair back with a bobble!


Overall, a great water-repellent, lightweight jacket which will keep you warm in cold and wet conditions whilst looking very attractive!

Nia reviewed the women’s version here, obviously! But there are men’s versions available too, find them here.


  • Hydrodown Insulation – Hydrodown powered by Nikwax provides water-repellent down insulation for up to 16 hours, keeping you dry in damp conditions
  • The insulation is 140g of 90/10 700 fill goose Hydrodown.
  • Body-Mapping Technology – Micro baffles under the arms and down the side of the body provide low bulk and thermal efficiency in key areas
  • Pertex Quantum CS10 Fabric – A super lightweight face fabric that is windproof and breathable, with strong abrasion resistance

If looking to clean your Berghaus Extrem Micro Down Jacket then we’d recommend Nikwax® Down Wash Direct® and check out our down washing article for some tips, because let’s face it if you own one item that you’ll put off washing it’s a down item!

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